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Shoteh Health Development society was established in July 21st/2008.Its former name was " Movement For a Happy Bangladesh". Some of us those who are engaged in different professions realized to do something for the poor people of the country. From such realization we had several sittings to set our goals & objectives & finally we establish "Shotej Health Development Society" giving a complete shape of an organization. Shotej started functioning having some projects and gradually initiated few new projects .Shotej has its own training centre named "POSDCORB" which is conducting training courses on different professional issues to make the job seekers perfect for the jobs and for their career development. Shotej members are committed to change the ill fate of the poor /distressed people of the society .


Founder & President

President's Message Shotej was established in the year 2009 but started its operation in the year 2007 in the name of "Movement for a happy Bangladesh. Since its establishment our organization is working for the poor people and set goals eradicate poverty from the society by creating employment opportunity. We are committed to fight against ignorance & illiteracy because we believe these are the main obstacles on the way to success. We need your help & support so that we can contribute all together to change the ill fate of the poor people and thus can establish a happy & prosperous Bangladesh..

DirectorSazid Hossain

Director's Message SHOTEJ was established aiming to change the ill fate of the poor people of the society and working since 2007.Since we have a commitment to the society we are working with our best possible efforts.Your help & support will inspire us to go ahead having our programs which have been designed to eradicate poverty from the society to establish a poverty free Bangladesh.